#RipPac :(

#RipPac :(

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Justin Bieber Tumblr Mouse Cursor nul
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Justin Bieber Tumblr Mouse Cursor

Justin Bieber
 How to install this cursor
Installing the Justin Bieber mouse cursor to your blog is easy, just follow the step by step instructions below.
Step 1     Using your left mouse button click in the box below copy the cursor                  code

Safe & Secure
Step 2     Click here or click Customize appearence on your Tumblr                  Dashboard/Tumblelog

Step 3     Click the "Themes" tab in the top left corner of the customize page
                  If you have a premade theme installed click "Use custom HTML"

Step 4     Starting from the top carefully look through the code in the box and                  find <head> (it will be near the top)

Step 5     Paste the cursor code you copied in Step 1 right below <head>

Step 6     Click the green "Save + Close" button in the top right corner and your                  cursor is installed!

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